MBBS in Russia has become an admired destination for overseas medical education. Indian students who are seeking low-cost medical education study MBBS in Russia. In fact, the Russian government capitalizes Russia MBBS education. Therefore, MBBS admission for Indian student is easy in Russia. It is 60-70% easy when compared to other European countries. The tuition fee for studying MBBS in Russian medical colleges is affordable. Because it is much lower than many other European and Asian countries. The average MBBS Fees in Russia of studying MBBS in Russia don’t cost much. Even, the medical colleges in Russia ask for no donations.

Russian medical universities have occupied first thirty positions in the top 100 colleges. Also, the country possesses a number of the best medical universities globally. However, the dominant difference is that there is no need to pay any capitation fees or donations. The admission process for studying MBBS in Russia is very easy and straightforward.



The MBBS syllabus in Russia is full of practical knowledge and hands-on experience in a real-life situation. The top universities have the experience to teach MBBS course in Russia as long as 150 years! Studying at medical colleges in Russia for Indian students is a much better option as Indian private med schools lack practical experience and quality of education. Getting an MBBS degree in Russia from a top rated MBBS University in Russia with English taught course ensures a great medical career. MBBS in Russia in English is possible at few good and top Russian colleges for MBBS.


Studying at an MBBS college in Russia will always be better than paying the donation at Indian med schools due to the low cost of MBBS in Russia. Getting all the benefits of a good Russian MBBS university is a good idea. There are thousands of Indian students studying in Russia since last 25 years at Russian medical colleges for MBBS.


The criteria set for eligibility for MBBS in Russia are minimal starting from 50% to 65% in PCB at 12th level. The subjects of MBBS in Russia are also quite the same as in India. Thus, MBBS education in Russia maintains its uniformity but also possesses diversity at the same time which is a unique combination. This makes medical studies in Russia at top medical colleges in Russia quite a convincing option.

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