Selecting the right course serves you in the long run. The course should be of your interest, your FGCE (Foreign Going Competitive Exams) score should meet its eligibility criterion and your financial capabilities should match with the fee structure. Since we always stay updated with the latest information on studying opportunities and job prospects abroad, we provide you with best suggestions on courses.

Few courses that are popular among students and hold vast employment opportunities globally are:

  • Business
  • Computing
  • Engineering
  • Health
  • Pharmacy
  • Nursing
  • Hospitality
  • Architecture
  • Fashion Design

Once you have selected the right course for yourself, the next important decision is selecting the right country. Every country offers a unique set of features which must be matched with your requirements. Different countries provide competent education in different fields. A country suitable for mechanical engineering might not be the best option for IT or Business Studies.

Another important consideration is the duration for which you want to stay and study. Several courses can be completed much quicker in select countries. Budget constraints can often be an obstacle in foreign education, but by making a smart selection of the country, one can save a lot of costs. Sometimes country’s rules for study and job at the same time become a constraint for students. One must also consider settlement opportunities post-study. We ensure that all these parameters complement each other and the most favourable country is selected for our students.

Some of the top study destinations are:

The United Kingdom, The United States of America, Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, France, Spain, Singapore and Switzerland

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